Who is Jamaal Rashad?

Jamaal Rashad was born in San Antonio Texas. I have 2 older sisters that both live in San Antonio. I also have nieces and nephews, they are pretty freaking awesome 🙂
My mom and I both live in Frederick. (We don’t live together though!)
My “dad” live somewhere in Delaware, I think. I used to care but now I really don’t. Oh well. I’m thankful he walked away when I was already a man, I now have other men in my life that can teach me to be a better man.

I love living in frederick it has everything you need, movies, wal mart and of course a chipotle!!! Frederick is big enough where you can always meet new people, however you still run into the same people again and again. So it’s the best of a small town and big city.

Well that’s it for now on the profile. I got some more blogging to do….

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Jim Rohn


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