VLIS 9 Maria Pantzinis 

Today on the 9th episode of the ValorLives Interview Series we have Maria Pantzinis!!Maria has lived in Frederick County for many years, and is making a big impact in the community! This former IT professional of 20 years is now a realtor and completely loving it and kicking butt 🙂

Tune in today to hear about her WHY for doing business and also find out about an interesting collection of items she has 

To contact Maria please use any method. Also make sure you like that fb page!! 

Mpantzinis@gmail.com 3012547849 http://www.homesbymariapantzinis.com 

To see this on Youtube, https://youtu.be/MXiIoAM3N6k 


 Maria is a huge supporter of St Jude Childrens Research Hospital. For more info and to donate, please visit her website 


To connect with me. 

Jamaal Rashad 301-639-5861 



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