#VLIS 33 Michael Gaines 

Today on the 33rd episode of the ValorLives Interview Series we have Michael Brandon Gaines of The X-Project School of Fitness! Woot!! Woot!

Michael has been repping MD his whole life all 30 young years of it. That’s right, Maryland born and raised. 

Mr Gaines was doing the whole “college thing” had 1 year left to get a Phys Ed degree and decided to change directions and teach in a different way.

Which I can appreciate because you don’t need a college degree to be successful and make a huge impact. #respect

While watching this interview you can see his passion and love for what he does. It’s no wonder his business is a huge success. 

Oh and btw, this young man just got married 🙂

Send him some newly-wed love!

To contact Michael please visit the comments section. 


Jamaal Rashad


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