#Vlis Season 2, Edition 59. Jim Caruso 

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Today on Season 2, Edition 59 of the ValorLives Interview Series we have the CEO of Flying Dog Brewery! Woot! Woot!!

Jim Caruso is CEO and co-owner of Flying Dog Brewery. Jim holds an ABA degree in business, as well as BA and MA degrees in Economics from the University of Missouri and a degree in Brewing Science from the World Brewing Academy/Siebel Institute. Jim is a Certified Hypnotist and a Licensed International Master Practitioner of NLP, and was personally trained by NLP co-founders Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder. Jim has been the recipient of numerous awards, some of the more recent of which include Entrepreneur of the Year (Frederick County, MD), Most Admired CEO in Maryland (The Daily Record), and Alumni of the Year from the College of Arts and Sciences (University of Missouri). The many organizations that Jim supports include the Cato Institute, Reason Foundation, Atlas Society, Institute for Justice, ACLU, and the Mercatus Center.


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