#Vlis Season 2, Edition 69. Kelly Ellis-Neal 

Today on Season 2, Edition 69 of the ValorLives Interview Series we have Kelly Ellis-Neal of Pure Romance By Kelly Ellis-Neal! Woot! Woot!!

Kelly Ellis-Neal has made Frederick County her home since 1998. She is a mother of a handsome son and wife for 12 years. She was a woman owned landscaper for the state of Maryland and CDL truck driver for 16 years before her life changed dramatically. After a life altering accident and severe debt she found her next calling. 

With in 19 months of joining PURE ROMANCE she was able to pay off $117,000.00 in debt and regain her independence. She was #1 in the world for sponsorship in 2016. She’s now an international trainer and Board of directors for the company. Today she travels, parties for a profit, and enjoys spending time with her family with her flexible schedule. Kelly educates, empowers, & entertains women world wide and help women find financial freedom too .

Thank you for tuning in!!


Grow. Market. Protect. 

Jamaal Rashad


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