VLIS 2. Lisa Whidden

Today on the 2nd eposide of the ValorLives Interview Series we will be featuring Lisa Whidden!!
Lisa has been a business owner in downtown Frederick for 2 years! Lisa, a wife and mother of two beautiful little girls has been a staple in the Frederick community and we are blessed to pick her brain for just a few minutes today. 
Tune in today to hear about Lisa’s morning routine, how she delt with her first store being flooded, her WHY for doing business and much much more!!  

To view this interview on YouTube. https://youtu.be/MDEKb3VbVW4

To listen to and download the AUDIO only. Visit and subscribe to my podcast https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/valorlives-interview-series/id1071694610?mt=2
 To contact Lisa, just use any of the following methods!

Whidden Willon on the web!
Whidden Willow

23 E Patrick St.

Frederick, MD 21701



Whidden Willow on Facebook!

Jamaal Rashad 301-639-5861 

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