VLIS 3. Jay Mason

Today on the 3rd episode of the ValorLives Interview Series we have Jay Mason!
Jay has been a Frederick resident his whole life of 42 young years. A successful realtor for 12 years and husband of 7 years, Jay also has 3 kids 🙂

Jay is a man that loves his community and wants to make such a big impact he is running for the Board of Education!! BOE Facebook page http://jaymasonforfrederickcounty.org

This in an interview you won’t want to miss!!

How to contact Jay!

USPS Jay at:

Friends of Jay Mason

P. O. Box 233

Frederick, MD 217

E-Mail Jay at INFO@JayMasonForFrederick county.org

Reach Jay on his cell +1 (301) 524-2160

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How to contact Jamaal Rashad 
Jamaal Rashad 301-639-5861


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