VLIS 20. Welmoed Sisson

Today on the ValorLives Interview Series we have my Dutch friend Welmoed Bouhuys Sisson with Inspections by Bob!! Woot! Woot!!

Welmoed has been in Maryland for 32years and is a wife for over 30 years and a mother of 2.

Her 2 kids are 24 and 27 years old. 

Welmoed has always had a passion for helping people and it shows in the work she does. She also works side by side with her husband Bob.

Tune in today to see how this cool couple is able to balance work and family time. 

To connect with Welmoed please use any method below,Phone. (301) 252-4489

Email welmoed@inspectionsbybob.com

Website http://www.inspectionsbybob.com

Instagram /inspectionsbybob

Twitter @MrsBobIBB

Periscope @MrsBobIBB

YouTube (coming… Need to set it up right)

Tumblr: @inspectionsbybob


Thanks guys!

Show Some Valor!

Jamaal Rashad 301-639-5861




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