VLIS 21 Jessie Lee Ward

Today on the 21st episode of the ValorLives Interview Series Jamaal Rashad has one of his best friends on. The one and only Jessie Lee Ward from Jessie Lee!! Woot! Woot!!

Jamaal first met this business woman power house on Facebook years ago 🙂

He has watched her grow every single day and has a tremendous amount of respect for Jessie Lee, after all, she has built million dollar businesses! Hello! McFly!!

Tune in today to hear what books #BOSSlee is reading. Promise you’ll want to read them as well.

Throw Up The Crown & #SHOWsomeVALOR
YouTube. Please subscribe as well https://youtu.be/J9-IfLlUDtM

To contact Jessie Lee, please see the comment section of this interview


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