#Vlis Season 2, Edition 62. Luke Markey. 

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Today on Season 2, Edition 62 of the ValorLives Interview Series we have Luke Markey of ShieldCo! Woot! Woot!!

Luke is part owner of #ShieldCo with his brother Neil. He spent a lot of time as a kid working with his father who is a blacksmith. Years later, Luke earned his CPA and worked for Deloitte for 3 years until he decided it was time to return to what he liked best, design and metal fabrication. ShieldCo specializes in laser cut, powder coated metal signage and art, and has produced and shipped signs all over the United States, to Ghana, and Tahiti. 

Thank you for tuning in today!!


Grow. Market. Protect. 

Jamaal Rashad


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