#Vlis Season 2, Edition 79. Kelly Jarvis 

Today on Season 2, Edition 79 of the ValorLives Interview Series we have Kelly Jarvis! Woot! Woot!!
Kelly is a mom of 3 preschoolers, wife, leader, fitness instructor, grammar nazi, and natural marketer. When something’s great, she needs to tell people! Kelly is passionate about helping people and turned her 15+ year career in the radio industry into a successful digital marketing consultancy. She started Changeup Marketing in October of 2016 after leaving a job she loved because she felt God was calling her to help small businesses locally after seeing what a thriving business community was in Frederick. Kelly believes business owners should be able to focus on their business while her team jumps in to help shine a light online on the great stuff they’re accomplishing. Changeup recently joined forces with Enradius, a boutique digital firm out of Baltimore, but is offering the same services and Kelly is infinitely passionate about serving the Frederick area. Her favorite part of this journey has been getting to know (and love) Frederick more each day! Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn or on Facebook (whatever you’re comfortable with) or email kelly@enradius.com

Thank you for tuning in today!

Grow. Market. Protect.
Jamaal Rashad


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