#Vlis S2, E82. Chelcee Loar

Today on Season 2, Edition 82 of the ValorLives Interview Series we have Chelcee Loar of Chelcee’s Rodan and Fields Skin Care! Woot! Woot!! 
Chelcee is 31 years old, born and raised in Maryland! Not only a mom to three beautiful children, two boys and a girl; a geriatric nursing assistant, doing in-home care for the elderly. She always had the heart and passion working with the elderly, but also ha a passion for skin care . When Chelcee came across Rodan and Fields, she was immediately taken back with the results! Chelcee had first heard about it through a friend of hers from high school. She loved the fact that it was anti-aging and number one in skin care in North America!

Being a single mom of three kids, Chelcee knew that that fighting wrinkles was going to be a priority! When she decided to start selling Rodan and Fields because she wanted other women to be comfortable in their own skin, like she has become. Never leaving the house without make up, was not going to be an option for me anymore.

Rodan and Fields gave her her confidence back with having clear skin and not needing an ounce of make up. 

It wasn’t about the money for her, because she was already working, but having the ability to do extra things with her kids has been very beneficial. The income is above and beyond more than she ever dreamed of.

Her life feels fulfilled in every aspect of it!

She blessed by the best!

Thank you for tuning in!!


Jamaal Rashad


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