VLIS 19. Whitney Hahn

Today on the 19th episode of the ValorLives Interview Series we have Whitney Hahn of Digital Bard! Woot! Woot!! 

This is a special episode for me, Whitney and I have known each other for about 10 years. Man time flys! Lol. I have always respected her as a business and community leader. She has a ton of knowledge and is even more fun. She is a absolute riot. You’ll love this interview. 

Whitney has been a frederick county gal for many years. And went to school locally was well at Catoctin High School. And her college was spent at Towson University. 

Join us today to hear about the awesome travel destination this lady has her sights on. And trust me, I have no doubt she will be there soon and making awesome videos as well. 

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@bardvideo on Twitter

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VLIS 11. Rick Weldon 

Today on the 11th episode of the ValorLives Interview Series we have Richard Weldon!
Rick has been a staple in the Frederick Community for many years. His love for his community has been a career for him. He stepped away from state & local politics after 23 years to lead the Fredrick County Chamber! 
Tune in today to see what he key to staying humble is. I’ll give you a hint, they have been married for 38 years 😊

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301) 662-6146


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